How can we deliver?

Citizen Engagement 2014:

In the Spring of 2014, we will once again be engaging citizens in the critical work of our common future, bringing together a group of citizens who demographically represent our communities to discuss what the data says, to assess how we’re doing at fulfilling the promises to children who are living and growing up in Henderson County, and to join together in activities that will deliver on those promises. Our community is well-positioned to take this next step and be a leader in this movement.  We are doing so much right that if we step back and build on the strength of our assets we can easily plug any holes that exist.

The work of the larger community is very important so we will talk collectively as a group and we will look at how we can build on our strengths to ensure that Henderson County is most competitive economically and that we are done something intentional to preserve our quality of life for our children and in turn our whole community.  We will also gather as representatives of our smaller communities.  What a child needs in Mills River might look entirely different than what a child in Dana or Edneyville or downtown Hendersonville needs.  Each community can come together to determine its own solutions and priorities.

Stay informed and give your feedback:

We want you to participate.  Think about it… the things that make this a good place for our children, are the things that make it a good place to do business, a good place for the elderly, a good place for us all.  When we invest in children, we are investing in the economic health of our whole community.  Because of the impact it can have, providing these five fundamental resources should be, at a minimum, our promise to Henderson County’s young people.

Tell Your Story:

We want you to tell your story and help inspire others.  Our stories will the backbone of this campaign. Sharing your account of the good work that you’re doing will help drive this effort and truly get our community invested. Your stories are what will help us all to deliver these promises.

Be a Promise Partner:

We need you to join us in delivering these promises by becoming a Promise Partner. Take up the challenge and improve the state of the child in Henderson County, which in turn, will improve the state of the county.  To become a promise partner, visit our website and click on the ‘become a promise partner badge. ’ You will then be kept informed of the issues surrounding children in Henderson County and what you can do to help.  You can also become a Promise Partner as a business and share the badge on your website.