The 5 Promises

5PromisesBlockLogoThe Five Promises are a framework put forth by America’s Promise outlining five resources that all children need in their lives to be successful.  Based on highly regarded research from the National Promises Study, The Voices Study, and Investing in our Young People, when children have at least four of the five promises consistently in their lives, their chances of success are greatly increased and the risks of failure are greatly mitigated.  Children who enjoy the cumulative and sustained effect of these promises in various contexts of their lives are far more likely to be academically successful, civically engaged and socially competent, regardless of their  family income.

Caring Adults

All young people need and deserve support and guidance from caring adults including ongoing, secure relationships with guardians and parents as well as positive relationships with teachers, mentors, and neighbors.

Safe Places

All young people need and deserve to be physically and emotionally safe wherever they are- in homes, schools, neighborhoods, and communities, as well as online.

A Healthy Start

All young people need healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthful habits resulting from regular health care and needed treatment, good nutrition and exercise, health education and healthy role models.

An Effective Education

All young people need and deserve the intellectual development, motivation, and marketable skills that equip them for successful work and lifelong learning.  These result from having quality learning environments, challenging expectations, and consistent guidance.

Opportunities to Serve

Every Child in Henderson County will have the opportunity to serve by making a difference in the community and helping others.

To become successful adults who contribute to society, children need the compounded effect of these basic, essential resources in their lives.  Parents are the first and most important providers of these developmental resources.  But they are far from the only ones.  Other adults, schools, businesses, governments and communities all have key roles to play.  WE ALL have a key role to play.