Speak Out Live

On March 1st, we gathered over 200 people to Speak Out Live to share the progress of the virtual conference as well as inspire people to get involved who may not have already.  We heard from a 17-year-old local student who has experienced homelessness in her young life and heard a call to action through one of the five Ignite talks from another student who told us how challenging day-to-day activities and school can be when you have no place to call home.

Participants had an opportunity to visit with some of the many agencies throughout Henderson County working on a daily basis to ensure success for the children of Henderson County.  There was even an opportunity to get involved and share their ideas through oversized discussion boards in the main hall.  The Henderson County Youth Council was also on hand to interview people and see what left them most inspired or concerned, and what gave them hope for a solution.

The finalists of the Promise Competition presented their ideas and the winner of the contest was determined by the review board’s input and text voting from the audience.  One of the most exciting points of the day however, was when a generous and anonymous donor made the announcement that $5,000 would be awarded to each of the other finalists, making everyone a winner.

The collaboration of many agencies throughout this process has been one of the greatest successes of the Speak Out for Kids Campaign.  By working together to deliver on these 5 Promises, our children and our community will thrive and grow becoming a place rich in opportunity and resources. We hope you will listen, learn, get excited, and PLUG IN to make a difference in the life of a child.