Speak Out 2014

The Children & Family Resource Center believes that the community can help ensure success for all children living in Henderson County when they make, and deliver, five simple promises: be a Caring Adult; provide Safe Places, provide A Healthy Start, deliver an Effective Education; and provide Opportunities to Serve.

In 2007, we brought together over 300 Henderson County residents for Speak Out for Kids, a daylong event that sought to make youth a local priority. A United Agenda for Children was created and successful efforts made on behalf of the UAC: an increased number of nurses in schools and more affordable housing for our citizens. In 2014, from February 1st through March 31st,  we are once again asking community members to come together.

Working with a collaborative group of nonprofit leaders and citizens, we are asking the community to engage online and in person; to become inspired to make change happen; and to commit to deliver the Five Promises. CFRC is asking the citizens of Henderson County to Speak Out and Deliver.