UAC History

In 2005,

a commitment was made to improve the lives of our children, ensuring future success for generations to come.  We made a promise. The United Agenda for Children was formed as a coalition of citizens, civic leaders, businesses, government, and community agencies united to ensure that children in Henderson County are safe, healthy and well-educated.

In 2007,

Henderson County began the honorable process of coming together for children.  On October 27, approximately 300 people gathered at Speak Out for Kids to identify the critical needs of children in Henderson County and to develop a set of priorities in the areas of Health, Safety, and Education.  This provided the infrastructure and reporting mechanisms to implement a unified, systemic response to improve the health, safety, education and overall well-being of our children.

Top 7 Priorities: 

  • Provide school nurses at nationally-recommended levels (1 nurse to every 750 students).
  • Increase safe, affordable housing.
  • Increase access to preschool through additional funding for child care subsidies and additional preschool spaces.
  • Increase mental health services for children in the community and in schools.
  • Establish mentoring programs for at-risk kids.
  • Provide alternatives for youth and teens – create social venues for them.
  • Develop programs that help young people make post high school graduation plans.

Major Accomplishments

  • Increased the number of school nurses, decreasing the nurse to student ratio from 1:2,538 students in 05-06 school year to 1:1,426 students in the 2011-2012 school year.
  • 3 additional school based health centers (for a total of four) have opened.
  • A five member team worked to develop a business plan to market ESN (Electronic School Nurse) software program to provide source of revenue to support the school nurse program.
  • Minimum housing code established for county.
  • Affordable housing projects under construction.
  • Town Hall on Early Childhood Education hosted and local business leaders advocated for affordable childcare for their workforce.
  • Mental Health providers are serving students on-site in 10 of our county schools, with two more in the fall of 2013.
  • Tele-mental health program will begin in the fall of 2013 providing access to mental health services for all students in local middle and high schools.

In 2012,

we updated our data to get the most accurate picture of the State of the child in Henderson County.

The 5 Promises of Henderson County

is the next phase of the United Agenda for Children.  Building on the success of the UAC, while understanding the impact that the 5 Promises have in future success for our children and our community, it’s time to recommit. We can see that changes have been made, programs have gotten stronger and needs are being met, but there is always room for improvements.