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Comprehensive data collection…

…has helped us capture not just a snapshot, but a panoramic picture of the state of the child in Henderson County.  Compiled with oversight from various county agencies and the US Census, the 2013 State of the Child report is intended to show where we are delivering the 5 Promises to our children and where the work needs to be done to ensure all Henderson County youth are receiving the resources they need.

Because we began this data collection process in 2005 and did it again in 2007, we are able to show trends on various issues.  The abbreviated data booklet below rates these  issues corresponding to the 5 Promises.

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2013 State of the Child
in Henderson County



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2013 State of the Child
in Henderson County
Report here.

Abridged Data with Indicators 2013


Speak Out for Kids…

…was an interactive forum intended to bring diverse groups together to help set priorities for the health, safety and education of children. The goal was to create a venue where all voices could be heard, where young and old alike were listened to. On October 20, 2007, approximately 300 people attended Speak Out for Kids.  Seventeen priorities emerged under the categories of health, safety and education during the community gathering and the Implementation Team chose to start by looking at the top seven priorities for initial action. This provided the infrastructure and reporting mechanisms to implement a unified, systemic response to improve the health, safety, education and overall well-being of our children.

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Speak Out For Kids 2007
Citizen Engagement
Final Report Here



Data Collection 2007

Data Demographic Presentation 2007

Demographic Profiles 2007